Environmental Audit

Our environmental audits provide a robust examination of the company’s approaches to environmental management in line with ISO 14001:2015.

The audit follows the Plan, Do, Check Act concept and will be a combination of examining documentation (such as policies, procedures, records and action plans), interviews with key personnel within the organisation responsible for managing the EMS and observation of work practices and equipment. The following areas are covered in the audit:

  • The extent to which the EMS policy is known and understood at site level
  • Facility specific environmental objectives and improvement/action plans
  • The deployment of the EMS procedures and the extent to which these are complied with
  • Training and awareness records
  • Environmental and energy reduction initiatives, promotion and general housekeeping at site
  • Waste management
  • Energy and utilities conservation and consumption
  • Environmental performance data at the facility
  • On site walk around (of all areas under management control) to assess the legal compliance, procedural conformance and opportunities for improvement.

A written report will identify issues for improvement, guidance on rationalisation of documentation to meet your objectives, training requirements and advice on addressing relevant issues.  It will be important to identify corporate as well as site specific improvements.

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