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Cleanliness, Hygiene and Infection Control

We have spent a lot of time advising clients on cleaning and sanitisation requirements to help reduce the COVID-19 risk.  This includes not only general cleaning but ongoing sanitisation of common touch-points such as handles, bannisters, control buttons etc…

One way to monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning regime is to undertake bioluminescence testing, also commonly referred to as bio-scanning.

This is a very quick, easy and visual way to assess and monitor:

  • Effectiveness of cleaning regimes
  • Whether cleaning contractors are being sufficiently thorough
  • Providing reassurance to your teams, when results show good levels of cleanliness
  • Using bio-scanning in training / toolbox sessions to those undertaking cleaning

The testing gives immediate results which can be shared with those who have witnessed the scanning.  We know from experience how much reassurance this can give your teams as you are not relying on contractors to do a good job, but you are testing and checking their work is thorough.  For further information on bio-scanning please click here

Temperature Checks


A number of organisations are arranging for people coming into their workplace to have their temperature checked upon arrival.

If an individual records 37.8°C or higher then they will be deemed to have a temperature and should be sent home to self-isolate and maybe seek a Coronavirus test.

Our sister company (B2BSG) has a number of products to suit different organisations, depending on your size.  Click here for further information

Whilst this is not a preventive measure in itself and does not prove that someone is COVID-19 free, it does confirm that they are not displaying symptoms at the time they come into your workplace and helps to reassure everyone else.  It is likely that several employees will be anxious about returning to work, and using temperature checking as part of your COVID-19 control measures to help reassure them that you are proactively monitoring everyone’s continuing health.

This approach is being used in several workplaces, including in the healthcare profession, to monitor daily the health and wellbeing of their staff and visitors and to constantly monitor that those coming into the premises are not symptomatic.

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