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Swimming Pool COVID-19 NOP & Risk Assessment

QLM can support swimming pools and leisure facilities by producing COVID-19 risk assessments and procedures to help mitigate the associated risks as facilities begin to open their doors

Government guidance directs businesses to the guides and practical actions to be taken relevant to your workplace and, as an industry, we await further guidance to be published as more and more businesses are able to reopen.

Before restarting a workplace, businesses are required to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment to help ensure safety

However, there are still many tasks which can only be completed whilst at the workplace, and we are beginning to see businesses slowly reopening and struggling to find safe working methods whilst getting the job done.  This danger is likely to increase as more organisations begin to return to work.  Therefore a risk assessment (COVID-19 risk assessment) is needed to identify what systems and changes to the work environment are needed to keep people safe.

QLM can support organisations by producing COVID-19 risk assessments and procedures to help mitigate the associated risks as we prepare to open our facilities.  This will help to protect staff, members of public, contractors and visitors working in or visiting our facilities and help to demonstrate legal compliance.

The QLM team are all qualified leisure health and safety consultants who provide such a service with leisure industry professional qualifications and who can use their experience, and knowledge to complete a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment in all parts of your workplace, and support business in implementing and monitoring effectiveness using simple, practical measures.  In addition to their expertise our advice will reflect and consider legal requirements for a safe workplace as well as the Government and relevant industry body guidelines.

COVID-19 Swimming pool Normal Operating Procedure (NOP)

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Comments and observations are made within the example document as well as links and references.  The document will need to be updated as legislation and information from the government and NGB or other professional body guidance changes, as well as to reflect any regional, local and facility variations.

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