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Fire Risk Assessment in Sports Facilities Course

This three day course is run by Quality Leisure Management Ltd, is IOSH-approved [Course number CA412] and for successful candidates, leads to the awarding of a Certificate in Fire Risk Assessment.

The course is suitable for staff working as a Duty Officer, Manager or Assistant Manager or for staff who may be expected to undertake new or review existing fire risk assessments.  The course is in 9 modules that cover:

Module 1

Fires and fire science

  • Classification
  • Fire start, burn and spread
  • Smoke

Module 2

Fire Safety Law

  • Legislation
  • Assessing risk
  • Managing fire emergencies

Module 3

Fire risk assessment

  • Identification of hazards
  • Heat, fuel and oxygen
  • People at risk
  • Risk reduction
  • Record keeping

Module 4

Building Regulations

  • Means of escape
  • Warning of fire
  • Implications for people with special needs
  • F&RS access

Module 5

Firefighting equipment

  • Extinguishers
  • Fixed equipment

Module 6

Fire signposting

  • Emergency signs
  • Emergency lighting
  • Inspection and testing

Module 7

Emergency planning

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Decision making
  • Planning into practice

Module 8

Emergency planning

  • Fire drills
  • Fire fighting
  • Building checks and inspections
  • Refuges & assembly points

Module 9

Completing the assessment

  • Model templates
  • Report writing

The course concludes with a written assessment paper and course costs include a training manual, handouts, CD-ROM with reference material, assessment and certificate.