Integrated Management Systems

QLM deploy a modern business ‘process’ approach to documenting your company’s IMS framework. We capture the entire business processes and not just focus on what happens at the leisure facility.

The QLM integrated management system encapsulates the key customer service processes, procedures and associated documentation, with those that relate to health and safety environmental and management. Our approach to documenting and maintaining your IMS is in line with ISO 9001/14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards. We develop your IMS working with your staff to ensure it is relevant to your organisation and is suitably in line with the needs and expectations of your key stakeholders and the culture of the organisation.

Why is this important?

Quite often we find that procedures documented at centre level will duplicate or contradict company policies and procedures, which creates poor practices and waste. We believe that by considering all of the business we can show the sequence and interaction of the processes and how they inter-relate to each other. We believe this approach enables the company policies to be effectively translated in to operational practices at centre level.


How do we document the processes?

Most of the processes and procedures are documented using modern process mapping techniques, although where applicable we retain some traditional format procedures e.g. swimming pool NOP. The documented system enables the organisation to deliver a seamless service and identify and meet its regulatory and statutory compliance obligations.


Do we provide ongoing assistance?

Once all documentation has been drafted and approved by the organisation, we can assist in the implementation through training, auditing and ongoing support.


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