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Lifeguards Behavioural Safety CPD Workshop

Lifeguards are qualified, but how confident are you that they are focused and switched on to the critical role of pool safety at all times. After all, a significant number of casualties in swimming pools are reported in difficulty to the lifeguard by a member of public.

Experience shows that current systems of robust lifeguard training and management controls do not always ensure adequate lifeguard performance. Despite the best efforts of pool operators, some lifeguards can still be observed talking on poolside or being less than observant. Following a serious incident there are sometimes allegations of lack of vigilance.

Recognising this, QLM have developed a short behavioural workshop for lifeguards that develops awareness of behavioural patterns and the effect on their performance as a lifeguard. The short workshop is designed to be interactive in order to engage lifeguards in what is typically an area other courses don’t reach.

All participants receive a certificate of attendance from QLM.Lifeguard min

Workshop programme:

• Case histories and lessons learned
• Perceptual exercises (lateral thinking to challenge how people perceive the things they are presented with).
• Establishing why people are Lifeguards (the role of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators).
• Activation levels and the human body clock
• Recognising the conscious and subconscious divide and the dangers therein.
• Discussing violations of safe systems as conscious choices and the link to negligence and possible prosecution.
• The way forward – Individual actions to reduce risk.

Now available via video conferencing

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