QLM Leisuresafe™

Externally validate the health and safety of your sport and leisure service with QLM Leisuresafe™ certification. QLM Leisuresafe™ is a unique health and safety management certification for the sport and leisure industry.

QLM Leisuresafe™ provides;

  • A thorough assessment and certification by sport and leisure industry experts
  • Reassurance that suitable and sufficient health and safety arrangements are in place
  • Be recognised as an organisation committed to high standards of health and safety management

A great opportunity to be recognised for effective health and safety management and to reduce risk.

What is QLM Leisuresafe™?

QLM Leisuresafe is a unique independent leisure and hospitality management award led by QLM and supported by Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd to recognise those sport, leisure or hospitality facilities that plan and implement a structured approach to health and safety management in accordance with legislative requirements and industry good practice.

What is the scope of QLM Leisuresafe™ assessment?

In order to ensure a robust sample audit the on-site assessment covers three areas:
Health and safety management including safety objectives, competence, risk assessment, safe systems of work, and monitoring, measurement and review.
Facility wide hazards including COSHH, electricity, employment of young persons, contractors etc.
Activity or area specific hazard management, for example swimming pool, gymnasium, and maintenance operations.

Can you tell me some of the leisure facilities that have been assessed?

Approaching 150 leisure facilities with a wide range of services have been assessed and many return for re-certification every two years.  The range of facilities include:

  • English Institute of Sport Sheffield
  • Brandon Wood Golf Course, Coventry
  • Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility
  • Chadderton Wellbeing Centre, Oldham
  • Whitehaven Civic Hall
  • Ivybridge Leisure Centre
  • Ice Sheffield
  • Ponds Forge Sheffield
  • Perth Leisure Pool
  • The Alban Arena, St Albans
How do we achieve certification?

Certification is achieved by undergoing a full audit of the planned and actual arrangements in place at an individual leisure centre, hotel or gymnasium.  The assessment is robust and certification requires attaining a score of at least 65% or above and meeting the core criteria. The award is then valid for two years.

Why was it developed?

QLM Leisuresafe™ was developed in 2006 as a means of recognising good practice and for organisations to demonstrate a diligent approach to health and safety management. QLM has extensive experience of carrying out audits of sport, leisure and hospitality facilities and QLM Leisuresafe™ will not only provide the means of promoting the appropriate standards but will also provide an opportunity for senior management to demonstrate and confirm good standards of operation.

Are there opportunities to benchmark on scores or learn from high scoring organisations?

We have a number of benchmarking partnerships established. In addition we provide comparative confidential information on scores.

Who conducts the assessment?

The assessors are all fully qualified and leading industry health and safety specialists from QLM. All the consultants conducting assessments are qualified health and safety assessors with expertise and experience in sport, leisure and hospitality management.

What will the on-site assessment consist of?

In order to ensure the full and robust audit to ascertain compliance with legal and best practice requirements the assessment will consist of up to two days on site covering the three areas outlined above.  The assessment will involve interviews with key staff, observation of work processes and review of documentation.

Who is eligible?

Whilst initially only those organisations that are currently registered with QLM as part of the health and safety support service were eligible to apply to participate in QLM Leisuresafe™, the certification programme has been opened up in 2012 to any sport and leisure facility.

How is QLM Leisuresafe™ scored?

Each area is assessed and scored out of 10.  Some areas will be weighted and scored out of up to 30, e.g. for swimming pools.  Each area is then rated and an overall score is calculated.

What will we receive?

You will receive a fully detailed report with recommendations for risk reduction and a registration certificate endorsed by QLM.

For further information please contact:

Telephone enquiries to: 01451 861084

Email enquiries to:  cbirch@qlmconsulting.co.uk